SBE Chapter 42 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes / Notes
March 7, 2019

Newsletter / Notes

Meeting started at 6:30pm. Convened by Randy Woods, Chapter Chairman.

Motion to accept minutes from last meeting, acknowledged.

Frequency report - There is concern regarding some interference in the 5 Ghz spectrum, near the University of Central Florida campus. Interference issue was intermittent, as reported by Jeff Juniet, WFTV-TV. Members are to contact Jeff if any additional information can be shared regarding this issue. His e-mail is “”.
Any additional concerns about issues or events that may need frequency coordination within our local SBE area, should be forwarded to Lou Mueller. (

Treasurer Report:

  • Opening Balance - $5,248.95
  • Disbursements - $ 0.00
  • Ending Balance (as of 3/7/2019) - $5,248.95

Committee Reports:
  • Membership - No activity
  • Certification - No activity
  • EAS - No activity

Old Business - No activity

New Business -

The Central Florida SMPTE group has announced their 1st Quarter 2019 Technology Meeting, which is open to anyone. The meeting, scheduled for March 21st, will be covering the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across the media and entertainment industry. Everything from automated video editing, to enhancing search and discovery of video archives, video recommendations and closed captioning will be covered. This is a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about these topics. The meeting will be held at the WESH TV studios in Winter Park. Anyone who is interested in attending the free event needs to register at the eventbrite URL detailed below.

Meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm.

Tonight’s technology presentation by: PowerLogics, Inc.

Tonight’s technology presentation provided by: Lightning and Broadcast Facilities

Presented by: Mark Seaman, Business Development Manager

Topic: Power quality efforts in regards to Uninterruptible Power Supplies, manufactured by Staco. “UPS systems, how they work and why you need them.”