The FCC has issued an EAS report as well as new EAS handbook.
The report can be found here.
The new EAS handbook is here.

Next Meeting is Thursday, April 6th.

WPOZ Studios
Dinner (4Rivers BBQ) 6:00pm - Meeting 6:30pm

Program - Presented by John Bradford,
Senior Video Systems Application Engineer,

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The television industry is moving towards an all-IP infrastructure, even for baseband video and audio. Historically, coaxial cables carried analog and digital signals throughout a facility using point-to-point connections and matrix switching. But the cost-savings from using IP interfaces and switching are driving manufacturers and their customers towards new, data-centric architectures. In the near-term, both IP and legacy SDI islands will need to co-exist in hybrid facilities.

This presentation will focus on Precision Time Protocol (ST 2059-2:2015) the standard that ensures that devices in the network will be synchronized with each other and with a master reference clock.

About the presenter: John Bradford, Senior Video Systems Application Engineer, Tektronix, John supports Analog/Digital Video, MPEG, and RF, and has over 40 years of video experience. Prior to working at Tektronix, John’s experience includes 8 years as a Broadcast Engineer, a Field Engineer with Ampex, Over 16 years at Crawford Post Production the last 6 as the Chief Engineer and as an in- house System Integrator at Turner NetOps. John has been designing and building video systems for over 20 years.

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